Sydney Love smiling with a tree in the background

Welcome To My Blog! Sydney Love’s Kitchen

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Sydney Love smiling with a tree in the background

Hello my name is Sydney Love and welcome to my blog. I LOVE to cook!!

Follow me for some great recipes and some fun too! You’ll find easy, fun and super tasty recipes.


Hi, my name is Sydney Love and welcome to my kitchen. I love to cook and do gymnastics. I may be young but my food is still so delicious.

My blog is somewhere you can look at and be like wow that looks so good. Then when you make you think “WHAT!” this is way better than it looks. My blog is somewhere you can trust. If I say it’s an easy recipe I mean it …because… well, I am a kid. So come to make delicious food while having some fun too.


As you know my name is Sydney Love. But you don’t know I have a brother named Grayson. A mom and a dad (duh). Every day when I get home from school and ask my mom if I can make dinner and after dinner, I wonder if I could make dessert. And when I do make dinner or dessert my parents and I keep coming back for more and you will too.


Well, my mom and aunt both have a blog and they said it is fun and I LOVE cooking so thought I would try it and man, was it fun. Plus I also wanted to help people learn how to cook better.

Sydney Love leaps


From my blog, you can expect good’ops not good DELICIOUS food. I will make so many different kinds of food but they will all be yummy. My promise to y’all is I will mostly make quick and easy recipes (with a few challenges thrown in.) And ones that your kids can make even if they aren’t pro bloggers like me (even though I just started :]).

I promise my recipes will be so good they’ll keep you coming back for more!😊👍 l❤ve ya! 😘


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